Why bloggers choose Adsense over other monetizing techniques?

As a blogger, you must hear about the Google Adsense program. Almost every professional blogger earn their first buck from Google Adsense. Even I have made my early $10 from Google Adsense, and this is the most successful monetizing technique for my blog too. There are other monetizing methods also available, but Adsense works well for me.
Have you observed that all the beginners started their journey with Google Adsense or before entering into this field they were aware of Google Adsense why? I have sorted out some reasons for why people are going for Adsense instead of other monetizing techniques. Before starting, let’s have a look about Adsense.

Google Adsense is a modern monetizing technique by Google by which you can place ads on your blog. If the readers click on these ads, then you will get paid accordingly depends on the ads and various other factors. It’s fascinating that the advertisements which you place on your blog are related to your content. The intention behind this is readers will see the targeted ads, and they will click it to get more knowledge about why they are searching for.

why bloggers choose adsense over other monetization techniques

Easy to use
Once approved, you need to create ads and place that script wherever you want. If you see the new interface of Google Adsense, it’s straightforward to understand, smooth. Google has created this UI to know each expertise people from beginner to expert.
One accounts for all blog
The best thing about Adsense is that you can use one Adsense account for all your blog. It means you can place ads on all your blogs. Now the question is that how you can see the performance of all your blog and which blog is earning what amount, that’s very easy to track with Google Adsense dashboard. You don’t have to create the new account for your new site. I would recommend you to have only one account.
Customer support
Google has provided the client’s support for Adsense. Now you can call their customer support and ask any queries that you have. They will immediately get back to you with the solution.
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Payment method
Now, getYou can quickly withdraw the amount to your bank account directly. Google has now started the EFT transfer for almost all countries. If your number gets reached to the threshold($100), then it will be automatically deposited to your bank account.

Ads format
This feature makes Adsense distinct from other monetizing programs. You can create some ads format which is suitable for your blogs ads space. You can also customize your Adsense ads according to your website colour. You will allow creating text ads, runs image ads, or both run according to your blog content. One interesting ads format which I have seen on some blog is that matched content by which Google will display the matched content on your/another blog as ads. So that there are maximum chances to get clicked by readers. Matched content ads are available for some blog only having maximum traffic. If your traffic will reach that threshold, then matched content ads will be enabled for your blog too. It’s just similar to related post widget which you set for your blog.

Block Ads features
If you have observed that the CPC rate of some ads is too low, then you can block that particular ad. You can block the ads that are not performing well. Some bloggers do this as if their advertisements are not performing well.

Approval process
You can put Adsense ads on your website even if you don’t have much traffic. Others ads networks have the limitation of this minimum traffic level. With little traffic, you can earn a few dollars. I agree that it’s challenging to get approved by Google Adsense, but once your Adsense gets approved, no one will stop to become productive.

If you want to add some more features of Google Adsense by which you have attracted to it, then do comment and lets other readers will come to know.

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