Social Networking Sites: Advantages and Disadvantages

social networking sites

  Social Media is a virtual place where people can share their thoughts, ideas with the whole world. They can communicate, share photos, videos, document, etc. through social media. The intention of using social networking sites is different for different people.   Social Media growth has been increased tremendously since the last few years, so the use of social sites. The count of social networking sites also improved, we are getting some social networking site day by day. We can say that Social Media is a hot topic in today’s world.   Facebook is the primary medium to share the status, photos, or to communicate with friends. Twitter is used by all professionals and celebrities to tweet something about their activities. A very popular Facebook-owned Instagram is used to share millions of peoples use the Photos.   As you know that the use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. are increasing day by day. If you remember that a few years back, the Internet is used for the gaining knowledge, study or useful work but now 90% use of the internet is for social media.   Now, we have one question in mind. Why are we using social media? We have sorted out the primary reasons to use social media

  • Communication
  • Share the updates
  • Advertising
  • Buy/Sell products/services
  • Job Searching

If you see the above list, you won’t find anything serious reasons, but the addiction to social media is dangerous for students, youth.   Social Networking Sites are readily available through Smartphones. You see daily updates of people is because of the Smartphone. Most teenagers have addicted to updates their status in every hour, even while sleeping they keep their phones near pillow to see updates from friends.

Advantages of Social Media


No matter where you are, you will get connected to the world through social media, you can search anyone on the internet and chat with them. Nowadays, we can easily share photos, videos, location with our friends. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter are the most used social sites all over the world. We can also call friends with the help of social media like Skype, WeChat, Line, Viber, etc. Facebook safety check tell others that you are safe at your location. All the messengers support to send any documents, so people prefer to use the messengers instead of the email.

Job Search

LinkedIn is a professional network where we can quickly search for our desired job. This is not just for chatting or sharing media, but we can share our job profile with the companies. LinkedIn is only used for the professional purpose of job search, sharing job requirements, News, Announcement of companies, etc. Overall, you will directly get connected to the company HR with the help of LinkedIn. Seeking a new job is accessible through the use of social sites like LinkedIn.


Social media will help you to grow your business. Top companies are running an advertising campaign on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. to attract more customers to increase the sales of products, services, etc. Facebook Advert is a reliable medium to reach our targeted customers in the targeted country. Facebook allows us to select the people, location to run the Advertising campaign. Social Media is very fast, secure to spread our Advertise to all over the World. For Advertising, you can join different groups, like pages, and share your business information without any cost.

Need Help

If you are stuck somewhere, you can ask help on social media. To get assistance or advice on a career opportunity, they use social sites.

Disadvantages of Social Media

There are always two sides of the coin; one is excellent and other bad. As Social Media is helpful for some reasons, it can be more dangerous if not used correctly. Hackers are always ready to steal private information, so we have to be very careful about information while sharing it online.


We don’t need any identity proof for creating any social account. Anyone can create it with any name. So, we can not easily find out the real person behind an online account. It’s effortless for the hacker to create a fake identity to bully someone. This is very harmful to the real person because the false identity can spread any information which will create trouble.

Hackers are Dangerous

Hackers are very talented; they can find you anywhere. It’s effortless for them to steal your private information. If you are doing banking transaction online, then you have to be very alert from the alert, in case the hackers stolen your banking information, it would be the massive loss for you. Also, hackers can hack any social account and publish any content which will harm society.

Waste of Time or Addiction

Teenagers spend most of their time using social network so its time waste. Social media is one kind of addiction which will entertain you but also take time from you. It would be harmful to the students as they are just wasting time on Social Sites. It will severely impact on students academics. Almost all the student has a smartphone, so the social account on every site which will engage them all the time.

Take Away/Conclusion

We can not say that using social sites is bad nor good, but the right use of social networking sites will give you a positive result. Almost all companies are taking help from social websites for promoting their products/services. We can use social media for growing our business; if possible, we can use for sharing our thoughts with the world.

For blogger’s social media is the heart for them, because all the promotions of the blog, advertising happen through the social sites. Bloggers can quickly take the advantages of social media to grow their blog.

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