Why people choose Android phones over iPhone?

If you look around the world, you will see that everyone is looking at their cell phones. This means that people are addicted to smartphones. Everyone wants to buy a smartphone with more features in less price and what’s better than Android phones.

One thing which I like about Android is that you will get a smartphone at the lowest price. As you know that Google is regularly releasing their latest OS KitKat, lollipop, Marshmallow you will get this OS in the newest phone doesn’t matter about pricing.

Here I am discussing why people prefer Android over iPhones.


This is the primary reason why people are moving towards Android phones. If you see the price of Android phone starting from 3000 INR. As compared to this if you select the iPhone you need 30000+ INR, and you will get fewer features compared to android mobile. Doesn’t matter about the brand people wants more features in less price.

External Memory

The android mobiles have sufficient internal memory up to 16 GB even you can add external memory cards if you need extra space. In the case of iPhone, you will get only an internal memory up to 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. You cannot increase the memory because there is no external memory card slot available in Apple devices.

Too many people want to see movies on their mobile phone they required maximum space for such people iPhone is not in such a situation people will find another phone which will fulfil their requirement.


If you want to transfer data from one mobile to another, you can use Bluetooth technology. If you see any Android phone, it has a Bluetooth feature. In the past, some people used to choose mobiles based on the availability of Bluetooth functionality.

In iPhone, you can transfer data from one mobile to another, but within Apple mobiles, it means that there is a restriction of transferring data from iPhone to other phones.

Easy to use & Screen size

The user interface of Android is clean that anyone can understand, no need for additional teaching once you get mobile you will come to know. In the case of iPhone, there are too many complicated features like Apple ID, App Store, Siri, etc. which ordinary people don’t aware of this.

The Android mobile weight is less than the iPhone. Some people don’t like more weight to carry on the pocket.

The iPhone screen size is fixed, and I would say that it is slight as compared to android mobile. People will love to watch the movies on big screen mobiles which iPhone will not offer.

Mobile Availability

There are thousands of Android mobiles available in the market with various screen size, different brands, replaceable battery, etc. but if you look at iPhone, there are one few mobiles available in the market with the vast price compared to Android. If you want to buy an iPhone, then you have only a few choices.

App store vs. Play-store

In google play store you will get millions of applications for free of cost, but in the iPhone app store, there is a limited application for that you have to pay money. In Android, you can take a backup of that application, and you can transfer it to another device all such small features which mean a lot of people.

Final Verdict

After considering all the features of both devices, I will choose Android because of the pricing factor of it. Otherwise, Apple is a brand, and it always produces the right quality product. The design of the iPhone has no competition as they are on top of all mobile phones.

Though I have used android mobiles before now, I have bought iPhone 5s to see how it works and why most people love apple. Till now the iPhone 5s experience is good to let’s see what will happen in future.

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