How to monetize blog with VigLink?

Earlier, I have written different types of monetization techniques that we can implement in our blog. Affiliate marketing is the best monetization techniques to earn money from your blog. One thing which you need to do is to add the affiliate links in your post. This is a manual task which we have to do. To avoid this manual work and add more affiliate links in your blog content Viglink will help you.

So, let’s start the tutorial about how to install and monetize your blog with new innovative affiliate network VigLink.

What is Viglink?

Viglink is smart monetization techniques that will help you to monetize your blog smartly, and it will convert your regular link to affiliate link automatically in the back end. You will get paid when visitors click on the links and makes purchases then you will get commission similar to affiliate marketing, but in this case, you will also get paid for PPC. It means that Viglink act as an affiliate as well as PPC this is the advantage of this program.

As you don’t need to sign up for each Affiliate programs, Viglink will do this also. Sometimes Viglink inserts new affiliate link to our blog along with our regular link.

How does it work?

For better understanding, I will explain it with an example, suppose you are writing a post on eBook, and you have mentioned some books in your content. Viglink will make regular eBook links to an affiliate link that may be from any merchant we don’t need to look out for that. When your genuine readers click on that links and making purchases, then you will get a commission as per merchant policy. If the purchase is not made, then you will get paid for click also that means Viglink support both CPA(cost per action) and CPC(cost per click). Viglink contains 35000+ merchant, and they are adding more.

Advantage of Viglink

  • You will get paid for CPA as well as CPC.
  • You don’t need to sing up for specific affiliate programs as Viglink will take care of it.
  • Payments are genuine as they pay you on time.
  • Payment method is by PayPal, which all of us aware of and has an account on it.
  • You can earn more money than other in-text ads as there are affiliate links also.
  • The simple installation process, put JavaScript code to your blog and check the status of it whether it is installed or not.
  • It is SEO friendly, and you can use Viglink along with your Adsense ads.
  • There are 35000+ merchants present and increasing.
  • You will get a detailed analysis of your clicks, purchases, page views, etc. on your dashboard.

Disadvantage of Viglink

  • It will not work on JavaScript disabled PC.
  • In the case of commission, Viglink takes 25%, and we get 75%, which is more but not sufficient.
  • The dashboard of Viglink quite confusing for a newbie as there are lots of things to explore it took almost month to familiar with it.
  • Some users are not satisfied with there earning from Viglink.

How to install Viglink on your blog?

  • The installation process is simple. You need to sign up for Viglink.
  • Click on the manage>install
Install viglink
  • You will get JavaScript code, copy that code and put before </body> tag.
viglink javascript code
  • After putting code check your blog whether the code is installed or not, you will get text box below JavaScript code put the URL of your blog and click check.
check viglink code
  • That’s it. Now your blog will monetize by Viglink. You have to check the dashboard daily.

This is all about Viglink. I think Viglink will works on high traffic blogs because I have seen lots of blogs earning more than $2000 due to high traffic it doesn’t mean that low traffic blog will not make money it depends on the readers how they use your blog.

If you know more about Viglink, then share your Viglink experience with our readers.

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