How to hide friends list on Facebook for security?

how to hide facebook friends list

Everyone wants privacy on social media, in particular on Facebook. People try to keep their profile private so that stranger will not find them. Recently I have published an article about How you can secure your Facebook account? Please do read it.

You might have seen that you are getting friends to request from a stranger on Facebook(especially female users get more request), but you both have mutual friends. Why does this happen?  Only your friends have not set privacy on the friend’s list. If your Facebook friends list is public, then anyone will see it. Most of the Facebook users have a habit of checking the friend’s list of others and sending the friend request to female friends of you.

One of my friends asks me about it. How do I hide my friend’s list on Facebook? I told him all the procedure which I am going to discuss here.

To avoid all this nonsense, Facebook has provided the privacy setting for the friend list. Now, how you can hide your Facebook friends list from others? Here I am telling you the short tutorial about this.

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the profile section.

Now, open your friend’s list. Here you can see the edit privacy setting for your Facebook friends list. Click on that.

how to hide Facebook friends list

Here you can see the three type of privacy setting for your Facebook friends, Following, and followers. For each section, you can choose the privacy. Here we want to hide the Facebook friends list from the stranger.

hide facebook friends list

I would recommend you to choose ‘only me’ option for all the three sections. So that you can only see your friends list, keep it in mind that people can see your mutual friends; you can’t hide that too.

In this way, you can restrict the strangers from seeing your Facebook friends list. If you like this article, then you can share it with your Facebook friends.

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