How to delete yahoo account permanently?

delete yahoomail account

If you don’t want to use your Yahoo mail account anymore and you don’t know how to delete yahoo account, then you are in the right place. Yahoo mail setting doesn’t have delete account option directly, so most people got confused about it. This short tutorial will help you to delete Yahoo account permanently.

Click on the above button, you will be redirected to yahoo termination page. You will have to enter the email address and password then click on the terminate my account.

It will take 90 days to delete all your data from Yahoo database after that you will never open your account again.

By terminating your Yahoo account, you will permanently lose access to your account, including emails, data, etc. Everything stored in your account will be lost during that process.

If you want to reactivate your account, then you can do it by login with your old credential within 90 days.

You will lose all data includes emails, contacts, groups, answers, messengers, etc

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