How to backup your blogger blog?

Most of the beginner start there blogging from Google Blogger because it’s free, you can save money for hosting, and as it is the product of Google, so it is search engine friendly. Sometimes it’s necessary to keep the backup of the entire blog, in case your articles get deleted by mistake you can easily import by using a backup.
If your blog gets deleted without any warning or your blog get hacked by someone and delete it then what you should do? Your total work waste. To avoid this damage, you need to keep the backup of your blog periodically. You can download the whole content of your blog along with a comment, or you can download the template that you are using currently. Here is a short tutorial for backup blogger blog lets learn to how to backup it.

How to backup your blogger template?

1. Login to blogger dashboard and click on the template.
2. Click on Backup/Restore.

blogspot template download
3. Click on the full download template, and you will get the pop up for saving that template, click save.

4. The saved file is in XML format you can keep it in your computer, import it at any time when you need it.

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How to the backup the whole content of blogger blog?

1.Login to blogger dashboard and click on setting navigate to other
2. Click on the Export blog

blogspot export blog
3. Save the file

4. In this, you are just exporting the content, i.e., only the articles, comment, etc
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